Macintosh Tiger Use with Our Mac Programs

If your system is brand new with OS X Tiger then only these Mac OS X home design programs will work on it, but none of our OS 9 Macintosh software will run on it. Even installing OS 9 on a Tiger system will not allow you to run anything in Classic mode because Apple has removed the ability to do that from Tiger.

If you have upgraded from OS X Panther (or previous OS X) to Tiger and you have OS 9 on the system as well, then you would be able to run all of our Macintosh programs on your system--because installing Tiger as an upgrade does not remove the Classic ability that was on your system from the previous OS X install. What will make our software unusable is a fresh install of Tiger on a blank hard drive.

So if you plan to reformat your hard drive or if you purchase a new one, and you wish to continue to run our OS 9 software, you should install OS 9 first, and then install a previous OS X (up to and including Panther) and then install Tiger as an upgrade. (This last statement has not been tested, but its logic is sound. However, we make no claims as to whether this will work as described.)

IMPORTANT: In our tests Railroad Master will not work on any Tiger system even if Tiger has been upgraded from a system that has OS 9. If you wish to try Railroad Master on your system, please download the demo before considering a purchase. You can find the demo here.