Using Windows on Your Mac with OS-X

and Will Your Mac Run Our OS-9 Software?

Using Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp will give you the info you need to run Windows on a Mac with OS-X.

We'll try to answer the OS-9 questions here.

There are a lot of ways to run OS-9 Software on any Mac, and it depends on what Mac you have and which OS it runs automatically.

Start up your Mac and go to the Apple Menu and click "About This Mac" You'll see a screen that tells you the OS, the version number, processor type, memory, and startup disk.

Now if you see OS-X, and version numbers beneath it, it doesn't mean that your computer doesn't have OS-9. It just means that your start up OS is OS-X .

PowerPC versions of Mac OS X prior to 10.5 include a compatibility layer called Classic, enabling users to run applications and hardware requiring Mac OS 9 from within Mac OS X. This is achieved through booting a full Mac OS 9 system. As a result, Mac OS 9 must be installed on the computer for Classic to function. Most Mac OS 9 applications run well in Classic. So if you have OS X 10.4 or earlier, you indeed have Classic on your Mac.

However, if you have a newer OS X 10.5 or later, the news is good: Mac OS 9 can be emulated by using SheepShaver, a PowerPC emulator. SheepShaver is a free download that will add Classic to your Intel Mac: Learn more at this site here, but check out this.

There are some interesting Youtube videos showing how to run Mac OS-9 on your Intel Mac. Start looking here.

Another option is to use the Boot Camp utility that's included with Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6. With Boot Camp, you can add OS-9 (or any other OS) and you've got a second PC/Mac.

There are several other articles that will inform you about several options for running OS-9 on your OS X Mac.

"How to run almost any OS on your Mac".

"Run Classic from a disk image in 10.2".

Site that provides OS compatibility information


Got the install disks for OS-9 and OS X? set your computer up to dual boot and have 9 and X on different parts of the drive.

Tiger Info

Using OS 9 on an OS X Macintosh System

Apple’s OS X Systems require a little effort on your part to operate OS 9 programs. We’re certain you probably have other OS 9 programs you’d like to run on your OS 10 system. You can run ours if you install OS 9 on your OS X computer. Go HERE for OS X!

There are also some printing issues (depending on your printer) under OS X that we’ve addressed below.

Please Note. We support our software when it’s running on OS 9. We cannot provide support or further information regarding your installation of OS 9 on your OS X system. Please do not call or email for OS 9 installation assistance. If the links below do not provide the information that you need, or you are uncertain how to proceed, please see your Apple dealer or a trusted friend for assistance on adding OS 9 to your OS X system.

Using Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp will give you the info you need to run Windows on a Mac with OS-X.

We are not affiliated with the sites for which we’ve provided links below, nor do we take any responsibility for the information that you find at those sites or the results you experience in using that information.

Adding OS 9 to an OS X Macintosh System

Please follow these links to learn about adding OS 9 to your OS X Macintosh. You may find additional links on these pages that also may be of help to you.

Important Tiger Info: How to Use a Tiger with Our Mac Software


Macintosh Software Printing Issues in OS X
When Running Classic Mode Programs

We have used Design Your Own Home Architecture as the example for printing with our programs.

Date: 15-September 2003.

Q: I'm running Design Your Own Home Architecture in OS X Classic mode but I can't print my designs. Why? How do I fix this?

A. Some newer versions of OS X will not allow you to boot in OS 9. As you know, Design Your Own Home Architecture is not an OS X application. If you have this newer OS X system, when you start up your computer, the system does not set up any drivers for OS 9 applications. So, when you try to print, the system can't find a proper driver to your printer. (You've got the "why" of it.)

If you have an Apple or other Laser printer, you should not experience any problems, but if you do have problems, follow the instructions below.

How to fix this problem:

Since every printer is different and every printer's website will look different, we can only give you general instructions, but they should lead you to the right resolution.

1. Go to the website of your printer manufacturer and find the driver download pages for your specific printer.

2. Download the drivers that enable you to "print in 0S 9" or "in emulation mode." It is possible that you will need to download more than one driver.

3. After downloading the proper driver(s) install them according to the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Once the driver(s) are installed, start Architecture (or other theliquidateher program).

5. Click on the Apple menu from within the Architecture program and select your printer from the Chooser (If you haven't installed the correct drivers you won't see your printer in the Chooser. Try installing again or contact your printer manufacturer for instructions. We will not be able to assist you with your specific printer or its drivers.)

6. After you've selected your printer in the Chooser, you should be able to print your designs.