There's some great home design software here! And there's home addition design software as well. And gardening software too. And landscaping. And, unlike other companies, we have Mac home design software as well as Windows versions. Not only will you get demos of our home design software free, there are also free model railroad games and free train layout designers.

Our 2D Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10 home design software, Ez-Architect, is our newest masterpiece. The demo is FREE home design software.

We not only have lots of personal computer home design software for both Macintosh and Windows, we also are the people who invented the idea in the first place—back in 1981!

Design Your Own Home® Suite provides all the tools you need to draw your floor plan and decorate your rooms with Design Your Own Home® 3D Walkaround™, plan your yard with Design Your Own Home® Landscape, get that vegetable garden just right with Sprout!® and use Mighty Draw™ to graph your costs or create custom housewarming invitations. All these programs come in one convenient bundle.

So, theliquidateher® has combined four of its most popular software design products into one Design Your Own Home® Suite in order to provide every tool you need to easily plan every aspect of remodeling, construction, landscaping or interior layout of your dream home. And this is great home addition design software.

Design Your Own Home® 3D Walkaround™ is a home planning and design software program that brings building and remodeling ideas to life. You can raise walls, specify vaulted ceilings, paint or put up wallpaper, lay carpet, tile or wood floors, position furniture, place appliances in 2D and see it all happen in 3D as if you were in the room! Design Your Own Home® 3D WalkAround™ takes the guesswork out of construction and remodeling because you can see what your plan will look like "in reality" without ever leaving your computer. You can get a free home interior design software demo of this product.

Design Your Own Home® Landscape will enable you to place your trees and shrubs in your yard and then age them to prove they are in the right position for future growth.

Use Sprout!® to design a to-scale vegetable garden layout on your computer. This easy-to-use software provides a library of pre-drawn vegetable, fruit and garden symbols including over 80 vegetables in the database. Choose anything from amaranth to yams.

And our program demos are FREE home design software! Free home landscape software, free home gardening software, and much more . . . come and get it! Our Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows10 home design software that we call Ez-Architect awaits you too.

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Home Design Software for Vista and Windows 7/8/10 just added to our Website! Free Home Design Software and Home Addition Design Software here.
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