Model Builder F.A.Q.

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

You have a lot of programs, which program(s) do I need to buy to make buildings?
Model Builder is the only program you need to buy to create buildings.

Which buildings are included?
The buildings you see here were all designed and built by our customers, or by us. You really have thousands of possible buildings that you can make using the 400+ images included with this software.

How does the program work?
When you start Model Builder, you select a scale. Supported Scales include Z, N, HO, S, O, OO, G, 1:32 1:72 and 28mm. We even have some 1:285 micro-armor fans.
Next you select a material such as brick, siding, or wood and paint it across the design screen. Use the Scale Feet Ruler to determine the building size in your scale.
Select windows and doors, which will default to the correct size for your scale. Resize windows and doors as desired then move them into place using our group duplicate, group align, group distribute and group send to back or front. Add some foundation material and some trim from their palattes. Choose some "junk" or utilities to add to your building. When you are finished, save the file and print your design.

Do I need a special printer or paper?
We have a $99 Epson Stylus that works very well for us. We also like the HP models. Any decent color inkjet printer will work fine. We recommend Matte Photo Paper for best image results with these high quality images.

How many images are in the program?
Model Builder has over 400 images.

Material Catagories inlcude: Siding, Industrial Siding, Metal, Rusty Metal, Wood, Bricks, Block/Stone, Shingles in Asphalt, Wood and Stone, Cement/Stucco.
Materials can be "painted" while staying in the chosen scale, cropped, or stretched.

Object Catagories include: Windows: Factory, Residential, Miscellaneous, Arched
Doors: Residential, Factory, Wood, Arched, Garage. Also Shutters.
Objects can be stretched bigger or smaller, many of them can also be seamlessly tiled onscreen.

Other Catagories include: Material Trim, Lattice/Grills, Boundary Walls, Storfront, Horizontal Trim, Vertical Trim, Utilities, Water Tower, Building Plans, Trees, Junk, Cornices, Building Extras, and Stairs.

I plan to make a..... 4 story apartment building/1955 service station/roundhouse/railway depot/building backdrop/grain elevator/...?
Check buildings created with this program here to see what types of things Modelers like you have made so far with this program. There are a huge number of possibilities of what you can build, and with the image import features, there are even more possibilities.

How many Building Plans are there?
Model Builder has building plans included that can be used in any chosen scale but you can make 1,000,000 different buildings with this software--our plans are just to get you started. There is a trackside shed, service station, railway station, grain shed, 1/2 quonset service garage and an alley garage. You can also import building plans in .wmf format if you have them.
You do not need any building plan to start building with Model Builder, just use the Scale Ruler and start building! You'll end up making a good building with or without plans, just by creating walls with windows in them and trying various arrangements.

How do I get started?
Besides a user's manual, Model Builder comes with a Project Idea booklet. The booklet shows how we make a quonset, two different industrial buildings, a backdrop, and a service station. There is also chipboard building tutorial on the CD. Check out the Creating a Building Using Model Builder .

Are there Reviews/Customer Comments?
See some comments here. Also check out the O Gauge Forum to see what users are saying about the software.